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Massif du Tichchoukt

Another idea of traveling

For the last 20 years or so Catherine and Olivier Giraud have criss-crossed Morocco with their children and friends, favouring free discovery through trail driving. In doing so they have gained strong experience in this way of travelling of which they have become fervent supporters, creating CHEMINS DE L’ATLAS therefore enabling you to share their discoveries.

Making your way freely through the trails of Morocco is a beautiful means of immersing yourself into this fascinating country, whose landscapes and hospitality of its inhabitants will enchant you.

In the numerous villages you will experience a very different kind of welcome from that reserved to an organised group. Indeed, you will have the opportunity for real meetings and exchanges with local people, gaining mutually and striking-up future friendships.

You will be entirely free to define your own timetable and itinerary, as well as your form of accommodation: bivouac, inn or hotel.

Stopping for a picnic or a break for the children… you will be able to determine the rhythm of your holiday as opposed to having to comply with an organised tour. Your only constraint will be to set up your bivouac before sunset!

On the trail, you will experience a strong feeling of freedom; navigating with a GPS will become an exciting game. Bivouacking will be the occasion to spend evenings amongst dream landscapes and to wake up under the bright Moroccan morning sky.

Erg Chebbi

Don't be mistaken in choosing your type of travel experience...

This is an adventure that for some will be a new experience.
Do not neglect your security.

Anyone seeking a competitive rally type experience should look elsewhere; CHEMINS DE L’ATLAS is not directed towards this kind of holiday.

Unlike an organised group tour your journey is not supervised; indeed, the freedom and independence that your journey will bring implies that you should be willing to accept small difficulties and unplanned events.
The GPS will guide you waypoint by waypoint on your route; however we guarantee that you will certainly hesitate between taking different trails on more than one occasion...

Our vehicles are well equipped to a high standard , and they allow you to bivouac in good conditions. However, during these few days of travel, we guarantee that you will quickly forget your everyday comforts and mod-cons and will live very differently.

More than your intrepidity, your curiosity and your open-mindedness will be your best assets enabling you to have a wonderful experience.

Vallée de la Tessaout
Haut Atlas

*waypoint : remarkable point along a route identified by its longitude and latitude coordinates.


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