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Preparing your 4wd-trekking trip in Morocco

Navigating with GPS requires a short learning phase that will take place at the start of your initial trail. Nevertheless, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the trail guides edited by Jacques Gandini over the past several years.
Not only will the guides help you follow a trail correctly, they will also provide you with a multitude of practical information and interesting descriptions of Morocco, in particular its history from the 20th century. Edited by

Coming to Essaouira

Direct flights between Paris-Essaouira are operated by Royal Air Maroc and Transavia. By Rayanair from Marseille.
There are also flights from Paris to Marrakech and several other cities: Royal Air Maroc, Easy Jet, Ryanair, Transavia and Jetairfly.
Marrakech-Essaouira : by bus (Supratour lines) - around 6 euros/pers or private taxi (around 60 euros).
If you like we can reserve a taxi that will pick you-up at the airport.

Organization of your stay

On your arrival at Essaouira : welcome and transfer to your overnight accommodation, which we will have already reserved for you.

On the day of your departure on the trails :
- Briefing: general information, training in how to use the GPS.
- Presentation of the vehicle
- For new 4WD-drivers, familiarizing with the vehicle on a nearby trail.

When you get back from your overland experience : we will record your reactions and impressions with the utmost interest. Therefore helping us to enhance the quality of our services. We will drive you back to your accommodation in Essaouira.


On the trails...

Our vehicles are equipped with up-to-date material that will contribute to making sure that your journey is as safe as possible : GPS with maps and pre-registered itineraries, the well known Gandini’s trail books for Morocco, GSM phone in case you may have to contact us for any problem.

Having strong experience in trail driving, we will be able to answer all your questions and help you prepare your trip. Explanations, advice and recommendations will be given to you at the pre-departure briefing, so that you can get the best of your travel. We will also help you elaborate your itinerary and, if you wish so, provide you with a guide to accompany you on your trip.

Except for a few regions in winter time, most of the trails are normally passable and are used every day by the inhabitants with their cars or vans. Villages where you will be able to find assistance are generally not very far away.

However, given the number of trails and the potential fast evolution of their condition, CHEMINS DE L’ATLAS will not be able to guarantee their accessibility on the day of your departure.

Some itineraries are reserved to experienced drivers, traveling with at least two vehicles; others are not practicable during rainy periods. In sparsely populated pre-Saharan desert areas trails are seldom taken and an immobilizing technical accident may have very distressing consequences. These trails should be excluded from your choices.

Thus, the success of your travel also depends on your cautionary behavior on the trails.

... Rencontres


There are no major health risks in Morocco; yet it is necessary to respect some rules  :

- No vaccination is compulsory but injections against tetanus, polio and infectious hepatitis are recommended. You should consult your attending physician, he will be able to give you specific advice.

- It is recommended to drink a lot (particularly in summer, and only mineral water), and avoid drinks made of milk or ice.

- It is also recommended to wash and peel fruit and vegetables and to eat well-cooked meat.

- Avoid contact with dogs and cats. Avoid bathing or paddling in stagnant water.

Personal effects

South Essaouira Coast

« Morocco, a cold country where the sun is hot  !!!? »
You should bring  :
- light clothes to wear during the day (cotton), warm clothes for the mornings and evenings (warm cap, gloves and fleece jacket)
- hat or cap
- sunglasses
- good shoes for walking
- one or two flashlights (headlamps may be more practical !)
- your sleeping bag


We provide you with some staple food items on departure.

In Essaouira, various mini-markets will allow you to stock-up on your provisions.

In all larger villages you will find basic products such as: bread, milk, fruit, vegetables, eggs, pasta, rice, semolina, canned goods and mineral water.


During your tour you will have at your disposal two tents placed on the roof of your 4x4. The tents are from South Africa and are made of a rigid body, a waterproof canvas, a double roof and mosquito nets on all openings. The tents open out and fold up easily; they are entered by a ladder.

If you prefer, you may also be accommodated in hotels or inns. We will provide you with a list of addresses that we know of; a lot of which are indicated in Jacques Gandini's guides.

Booking, insurance, general rental conditions

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the booking, insurance and general rental conditions. Download

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Photos credits: Christine Bonnet et Olivier Giraud

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