Our 4x4

Vehicles and equipment

You will rent more than a 4x4.
The equipment of our vehicles is not occasional or incidental; it is permanent and has been studied to be rational and facilitate its day-to-day use. Crockery and catering are put in racks and drawers and grouped in a chest accessible from the back.

Bedding and vehicle accessories are accessible from lateral tailgates on the hard-top. The table and chairs are strapped on to the boot. The water reserve is distributed into 3 jerry cans of 20 liters and 1 of 5 liters: filling up and handling are thus easier.


4-wheel-drive pick-up, double cab, with hard-top, reinforced suspension, air-conditioning, CD player, etc.

Vehicle Accessories

1 inflation pump
1 pressure gauge
1 traction strap
2 inner tubes
1 shovel
1 pair of protection gloves
1 short-handled brush
1 thin cord
1 tool case
1 Chain joining rings
1 child seat (on demand)

GPS receptor (with registered trails)
Trails guidebook
Morocco roadmap
Travel information file



GSM phone
Hazard warning triangle

Bivouac :
Refrigerator 35 litres
Gas ring 1 fire
Gas reserve 3 kg
Folding table
4 chairs and 1 foldaway seat
1 jerrycan of 5 lts
3 jerrycans of 20 lts
Filling tube
12V=/220V≈ converter

Bedding / Washing
2 roof tents of 2 places with reading lamps
2 large blankets
4 pillows
Bathroom linen
1 folding shower cubicle
1 shower head
2 basins

Remember please do not forget your sleeping bag!

All cutlery and utensils
Sponge and brush
Drying cloth
Hand cloth

Small consumables to make your trip easier:
Bin bags
Tissue paper
Washing up liquid
Washing powder
Small food kit

1 survival blanket
1 first aid kit





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